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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  August 10, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> this is good day philadelphia. right now on good day philadelphia, breaking overnight. a huge fire at a recycling plant. it burns for hours. you can see it off the roadways. steve keeley has got a live report. >> also, this history. murder mystery that mother and a little boy horrifically murdered, stabbed in their own home, it has been five months, we don't have any suspect, don't have any clues, in connection with this case, now investigators are making a new plea to bring the killer to justice. back to court for the penn state case. we could learn today if those fraternity brothers will be tried for the death of a pledge. all right, straight up 5:00. on this thursday, a thursday most every russ in a good mood, already august 10th, our thomas drayton will be along tonight with lucy for the 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 news. but sue serio bringing us some fabulous news, wonderful day. >> right. if you happen to take a nap,
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like some of us, slept through yesterday, you have another chance today of going outside. and actually enjoying the ten out of ten weather. bus stop buddy is back at camp, because he is celebrating national smors day. so, yes, there is the campfire, all ready to go to toast the marshmellows. yum yum. temperatures in the 60s today, of course you don't need to be at camp. you can make smors anyway. 69 degrees, sunrise time not until 6:08. sunrises are getting little later every day. because the days are getting shorter. so, all of the more reason to enjoy today's weather. lancaster at 60 degrees, allentown is, as well, the further to the north, hazleton at 55. sweater weather up there. 56 degrees in washington township, and cape may, with 69 degrees, 67 in rehoboth beach to start your thursday. your thursday will probably end up with a high of around 85, 86 degrees. another beautiful day, like yesterday, and yesterday's high actually was 86.
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and that's perfect for this time of year. so, perfection will not linger into the weekends of course. we will talk about that, coming up in just a few, bob kelly? >> sue as our scout leader. story time and smors during our commercial breaks. 5:02. good morning, live look at 422, they're still out here working westbound, between king of prussia and trooper road. so, again, be careful, hit the brakes as you leave. here go, see the headlights, smoke the cones down, so again, a lot of the crews still out there. most of them are usually done between 5:00 to 5:30, the vine expressway open for bills. so come on down into center city. no problems there, working along route 70 in cherry hill, new jersey, 707 in haddonfield road. so watch for some delays. here is the scene of that scrap metal recycling yard fire. steve will tell us more about it in a second. but here in morrisville, sort of like a little islands here. but you can kind of see the glow from route 13, portions every route one, even the
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jersey side, getting in, see the flames, and the glow there, from 295. they've been working on the schuylkill expressway, all night, from conshohocken, all the way into belmont avenue. we've had one lane for most of the night, almost cones are almost gone. and we're almost back to normal. you'll see dust cloud from overnight work. water main broke, broad street, south of the broad street off ramp of the schuylkill. that probably will cause some delays for the gang heading to the phillies game later tonight. karen, back over to you. >> thank you there, bob. we do have breaking news out of bucks county continuing crews are on the scene working to get the upper hand on a fire, big one, burning at a scrap metal recycling yard. they've smoke that you can see, all over the place, for miles. lot of pictures of this one. steve keeley is out there with what's going on right now. steve? >> reporter: well, we had the advantage of the comfortable weather at night. sue said you can turnoff the air conditioner, maybe open window have, a fanning on, the disadvantage now if you live anywhere around this, if you have the windows open, chances
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are you may be waking up from the smell of smoke coming in your house. because as they got this fire from 9:00 last night, under control, after 3:00 in the morning now, here we are, after 5:00, and we're seeing smoke start spreading all around in every different direction, even though it is dark out, we can still see white smoke all over the place. and we did not smell smoke, even though we were close, right outside the entrance, you see the big phrase on the bottom: we buy scrap metal. that's what was burning, and it is not just scrap metal. but everything that gets recycled, everything that gets brought in with the scrap met al. a lot of times you have some chemicals still around, some tanks, whatever it is, and you never know exactly what's burning when these scrap yards catch fire. and it is always a stubborn fire. and real dangerous fire for the firefighters. now, look at the video that our man ryan flanagan shot for us last night. this is right in prime time. he got this video. you will notice, these
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volunteer firefighters and firemen, they're up in these bucket trucks, and they're breathing this stuff in. and they're getting real close. that's the only way to get the fire out. and the reason it took so many hours to get it under control some this is such an isolated area here at this former u.s. steel plant site, that they didn't have enough fire hydrant, so they had to use fire tanker trucks, to truck in the water. that's why all of the roads around here, half the side of the road is wet. it didn't rain here overnight. that's all the watt their was coming out of these trucks, as they were going back and forth making, you know, 500 laps to get water to this site so they could finally somehow douse this fire, and we, are as we come back to a live picture, close to a fire hydrant. they've got a yellow fire hose snaked through here. you can see all of the roads around here now with flares, karen, people were driving over this fire hose until the falls township officer came out here and started putting flares on two roads closest to the main gate here to keep people from driving over the fire hoses, and maybe hitting
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one of the people out here in the street. and one thing we just saw, a levittown firetruck just towed out of here, so the truck broke down somehow, and they had to tow it out of here just as sue was doing her weather. so still trouble, still work, still problems, and again, if you're either on the trenton side by 295, as bob said to you, or if you're in the morrisville falls township, anywhere in lower bucks, probably seeing the smoke, and chances are you're probably also smelling now, as well. >> such a busy news day, steve, thank you. at least they're out there, got it under control. we have to tell but this, multiple people recovering after being shot in new jersey, in bridgeton, last evening. right around 10:00. this is the scene from skyfox. the 300 block of north pearl street. they called out the medivac choppers to race people to nearby hospitals. we're still trying to get the latest on the conditions of the victims, in that case. also, nearly, five months after police found a mother and her little boy stabbed to
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death, horrifically in their own home in burlington county, investigators are begging for some new information. they want to get the killer offer the streets. they need people to come forward about what they may know in connection with this case. there are victims, 38 year old sa -- sashi, and her six month old son, anish found dead in their maple shade home in march. prosecute verse reached out to the indian cultural center of south jersey for help. >> we really need is information, if anybody saw something that, you know, on that night, and they've been reluctant to talk to law end foesment, we ned them to be comfortable to talk to us. >> investigators say at the time that the victim's husband found the bodies in the bedroom, after first he didn't finds anybody at all, when he came home that evening. the prosecutor says his offers has spoken with family member, but they need more informatio information. 15:07. there was a police chase in northeast philadelphia last night. after there were some report after guy caring two pretty
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serious weapons. police say they found a ar15, and an uzi in the back of a carve a man who led them on a chase from philadelphia to bensalem. that's how it wounded up with the truck up there in a ditch. so first of all they heard some reports of gunshots, being fired off, at industrial complex. when police get up there to the scene they see a guy toss ago gun into his truck and driving away. they followed. he drives away, and do catch up with him and take him into custody. >> definitely a kerr, ar15, major focus right now, specially with all of the crazy lunatics out there shooting up people and stuff. so yes, it is scary. >> reporter: police are still investigating the gunshots at the complex that started the whole thing. there was a tense stand-off with swat team negotiators in delaware county, and it ends with a sheriff's deputy in the hospital. there was guy who allegedly through a molotov cocktail at police and then barricaded himself into a home in collingdale, scene from skyfox. police had to serve arrest warrant for a parole
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violation, the suspect ultimately gave himself up. and was arrested on attempted murder charges. going from bad to worse. the explosive hit a deputy who needed to be raised to the hospital with burn wounds. >> he is in good spirits for what he went through, and his birthday is tomorrow. so this probably isn't what he was expect to go dot night before his birthday. >> recovering on this birthday of his, investigators later found more of those molotov cocktails in the suspect's home. it is another day in court for the penn state fraternity brothers accused of a deadly hazing ritual. today's hearing is to determine whether those 16 beta theta pi members will stands trial in the death of 19 year old timothy piazza. that sophomore from new jersey. eight defendants, and the fraternity itself, are all charged with involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault. piazza died from a lethal dose of alcohol and then falling down the frat house stairs in february. a preliminary hearing is expected to last all day today and into tomorrow. >> north korea not scared of
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president trump's threats of fire and fury. apparently, they're now responding more threats of their own. the general in charge of north korea rocket commands says his country is about to take military action near the us territory of guam. their plan should be finalized by mid august, of course is next week. our defense secretary, james mathis, cold north korean officials to sees any thought of possible action that is would quote lead to the ends of its regime and the destruction every it people. state department pushed back against those critical of the president, saying, the us would hit north korea with quote fire and fury. the united states is on the same page. whether it is the white house, the state department, the department of defense, we are speaking with one voice. >> meanwhile, north korea, a the communist nation, released fiery statement all its own pledging quote to make the us pay dearly for all of the haneous crimes it commits against the state and the people that far country. f.b.i. agents raid the home of former trump campaign
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chairman, paul manafort, it all happened last month, as part of ongoing probe into the russian meddling possibly in our election. federal agents appeared without warning, at manafort's virginia home, before dawn, in late july. the search warrant reportedly south information including some tax documents, and banking documents. according to the washington post, the f.b.i. agent working with special council robert mueller were said to have left the house with various records. all right. coming up next on good day philadelphia, firefighters come to the rescue of an under ground fire, they finds themselves needing rescuing. >> normally, somebody who is commit ago crime goes the other way. >> well, yes. no, the guy, you see him right here, this may be part of the crime, in action. well, he didn't go the other way. he went right to the police station. and he told police, you know what? he would toss back a couple, bob kelly. >> you got me. 5:11, hands up, no problems on the blue route right now. they've been working all night
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long, right near i-95. but you're good to go if you're headed to or from the airport. maybe going to the shore. let's go outside. good morning to rehoboth beach. as we're waking up to a little dion, little traffic jams there is one, for sue serio dancing around the weather department. she is going to cook up a good forecast with our traffic jams when we come right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ play and win instantly. and they're super fast. faster than this? fast play. play fast. win instantly.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> sing it, rihanna, work, work, work, so says mike jerrick, wrote the words to this song. very original. >> national lazy day. we were just looking up, bob kelly and i, of course that's pretty much everyday. so don't work, work, work, work too hard today. all right? in fact maybe little get away to the shore. little damp on the ocean city boards walk, things will improve today. because it is another ten. but, humidity returns, by tomorrow, and stays with us, over the unsettled weather weekend, that we have ahead. yes, we have some rain in the forecast for the weekends. it probably more likely at this point saturday than sunday. here we go, future cast, you see some rain rolling through saturday. now this model only goes out until early sunday morning, there is a slight chance of rain, on sunday, but if you deciding which day to do something out of doors, now it looks like sunday might be your day, more than saturday.
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69 degrees, in philadelphia right now. in wildwood, it is 62. it is 52 degrees in point pocono. where it was in the 40's, at this time yesterday. so it is a little bit milder everywhere. but still, cool, comfortable, hardly a breeze out there this morning. and the dew points are still down pretty low. average high is 86. that's right where we were yesterday. and we will be right back there to the mid 80s again today with eight a today, then 83 tomorrow, with increasing clouds, chance of thunderstorms on saturday, as we said, and the humidity is still with us. little bit warmer on sunday, and shower chance on monday, looking beautiful, again, by wednesday of next week. so again, with the seven day forecast, no extreme heat. and if for some reason you forgot today's forecast, and how could you forget a ten out of ten, i don't know, go to 101.1 more fm while in the car you hear the forecast again, bob kelly? >> can you change the radio dial therefore me? because i'm a little lazy today.
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>> lazy day. >> just -- >> i'm celebrating lazy day, too. >> good morning, everybody, 5:16. have a smors by the way. it is also national smors day. great. both of them are coming together. a live look here, 95, southbound, headlights rolling out of north refill i into downtown, all of the lanes open here on the vine expressway, the construction complete for the overnight, and we're good to go. so starting to see some volume pop. they've been paving all this week, down here in old city, portions of fairmount, callowhill, spring garden, girard, and a lot of the cross-streets as well. they took little built after break. they'll be back at 7:00. and then they'll work through the day, especially with the nice forecast, that sue is serving up here. water main break, in south philly. broad and geary, which is right there, just off of the broad street off ramp of the schuylkill, by the cvs shopping plaza there. so some of the lanes are block, and of course, we got a phillies game tonight, mets rolling into town, for alumni weekends, first game tonight 7:05.
5:18 am
now, west philly, chestnut street between 34th and 45th, they're setting up this whole new traffic pattern, really to put a bike lane in. so instead of two travel lanes, and a parking lane, they're taking out one of the travel lanes, and putting in a bike lane, shuffling it all around, re-lining and putting up some polls anbar years in there. so just watch for construction delays in west philly through the day, and they're still working here on the boulevard. southbound at devereaux, and the outer drive, otherwise mass transit off to good start. karen, back over to you. >> thank you there. 5:18. we do have breaking news just coming in right now. police in overbrook are searching for a number of people, because there has been a home invasion. this is a live look at the scene. this is right by st. joe's university right there where the archdioces headquarters used to be, the cardinal's howls. it happened last night on the 200 block of mt. airy. we're told police are going door-to-door looking for who ever may be responsible. as they search this entire area, so they're telling people, the important information, to stay indoors
5:19 am
while this is going on. they don't know where these people are. we have a crew that will be arriving shortly there to the scene. we'll bring you all of the latest details on this one. but again, it is right there by city avenue and st. joe's in that neck of the woods. 5:19. very dangerous situation in west chester. it all starts underground. there is some problem going on, you know, maybe that there is underground fire. but then it spreads not people above grounds. very tense moment, especially for firefighters. some needed rescuing themselves. shawnette wilson was there. >> it escalated very quickly. >> fred lives next-door to a home where the fire started on the 200 block of west gay street. >> i'm evacuated the entire block i live on is evacuated. >> turns out when west chester firefighters arrive to put it out, they quickly found the fire actually started nearby on darlington street. skyfox flew over the chaos, peco called in, found a problem with a underground cable was causing smoke to spew from a manhole. fire chief, mike mcdonald, explains the chain reaction. >> what happened was there was
5:20 am
a fire underground, in a transformer, electric wire, so they feed all of the homes. so it went down, you know, the conduit, whatever, went into the panel box of the basement of the house and caught the basement, panel box on fire. >> the chief says the con bus ton underground sent high levels of carbon monoxide through the area. it sickens five firefighters, one assistant fire chief, mark scanlan, who sent out a distress call. >> it was actually came out of the building, and collapsed. to update him, did he not have a cardiac issue, he was not -- he did not -- he lost his consciousness, just little bit. he's currently being treated at the hospital for possible co. >> the other four firefighters were taken to the hospital as a precaution. maria roughin was walking by and took pictures of firefighter being examined. >> they started giving him some oxygen, treated him, and they wouldn't let me walk by because i live down the street
5:21 am
because they said the fumes were just too much. >> peco cut off power to homes in the affected area while crews made repairs underground. it was restored late this evening. >> so i was very shocked. you know, this is usually a quiet town. nothing like this usually ever happens. >> peco had to cut off power to some residents, while repairs were being made. power has since been restored, and resident who were evacuated have been allowed back home. still no word from peco on exactly what caused this problem n west chester, shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news." >> all right, shawnette, thank you. let's get to story we first told you about yesterday. police say they've now identified the people accused of stealing an entire donation jar from a dinner in south jersey. we had clear pictures, we know you would figure it out. so, it was crystal clear surveillance video, which showed the guys in the act of doing it. this is the harrison house diner, in mullica hill, on tuesday. police say that's 27 year old anthony albert i, stealing the jar, filled with money for a local food shelter. then investigators say he got away in a car. you know that guy is?
5:22 am
michael de philip owe, but at least we know who they are. if you know where they are, call police. so michael chitwood has seen a lot of things, but co-not believe this, and his officers, when they saw it happening. from inside the police station, like what's that car doing? he's going up on the curb. why is he trying to get in here? then nails the little, you know, thing that's supposed to keep you down. they thought maybe the guy had been having a couple of drinks, refreshments, women, police in upper darby still can't believe it. they put it out there on facebook, the whole thing as it is unfolding. the guy admitted to having couple of alcoholic beverages, and he thought the safest place to be would be the police station. so here's what the superintendent chitwood had to say. >> fortunately, nobody got hurt. he got locked up. charged with dui, careless driving, and the end of the story is if you want to get arrested just come in to the
5:23 am
police station. we'll gladly do it. >> the other way to look at it, he knew he was unsafe, wanted to get off the street. anyway facing charges, identified as sean mccullough, they think he had about 12 to 14 beers based on his blood work. >> berks county, state troopers are on the hunt for an egg thief. there is a young girl, and her family, they live, and the chicken lays eggs, sue ' seen this, basically honor system, take the eggs, lever some money. that will guy takes both of them. he's taking the eggs and the money. and he's done it more than once. they think he's done it couple of times. stealing money from a little girl. they also think he may be driving around in a white van. all right. how about this? oprah adding another title, as if she needs it, to her resume. a new venture cooking up to help us all eat a little healthier. and she said oh, it is so good. we'll explain coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> flames shooting from a recycle plant. crews battled this one for hours, still a scene out there that's active. so is our steve keel way live report. >> sixteen pen straight fraternity brothers will be headed back to court today, as a judge prepares to decide if they'll go to trial for a pledge's date. >> 5:30, already august 10th, i'm karen hepp, thank you so much for tuning in and watching us this 5:30 hours. lots every news to get to, but want to get to the weather. wow, look at the sunrise, sue. gorgeous beautiful start to the day, and that bodes well for the rest of the day. yesterday was a ten. it is august 10th.
5:31 am
of course we're going back to ten out of ten when you see this forecast. you'll know, so bus stop buddy before he goes canoeing, he'll have a smors. so he has the campfire going there. you don't need a campfirement you can still enjoy that taste, just three ingredient, i just tweeted it. gram cracker, marshmallow, chocolate. perfect to the. 69 degrees, right now, in philadelphia. trenton, 62. to the north of us, 52 mount pocono. little fog in rehoboth. 63 degrees in dover, delaware, once again, head today a bright and beautiful 85 degrees. so, i guess it is throw-back thursday. we will throw right back to yesterday's forecast, and repeat it again today. but tomorrow, a different story, so is the weekend. so, we will get you ready for all of that coming up, bob kelly. >> you're killing me, smalls. remember that from sand lot?
5:32 am
shore, shore what? you're killing me, smalls. >> good morning, everybody, delays on 95, in toward the city through the construction zone. we're going to zoom on in to that police activity, we told you few moments ago, more on that in a second. police right here in overbrook, right behind st. joseph university. mere is st. joes ever, old cardinal residence along city line avenue f you're in this neighborhood or getting ready ry to roll up. fifty-fourth would be the main drag, city line, watch for heavy police presence, again more on the situation in just a moment. here, live look downtown. we got the peco power play, the building working there, all of the trains are all lined up here ready to go. left over work crew, but all of the lanes are open, come on down, the 42 freeway, starting to see some volume pop here, pockets of volume head in the toward the walt whitman bridge. they've been repaving what seems like every city, every street in the city, callowhill, spring garden,
5:33 am
girard, a lot of the cross-streets, as well, so expect delays, they took little bit after break. they'll be back again, starting at 7:00. through the midday. that water main break in south philly, along broad street, just south of the off ramp of the schuylkill, that's sure to try traffic up for folks headed through the day, then to tonight's phillies game west philly watch for delays. >> just unfold being, overbrook, police searching for at least one person after a home invasion. jenny joyce at the scene, right by st. joe's, right, jenny? >> reporter: this is right down the street from st. joe's, karen being live at cardinal and overbrook avenues. taking live look at this active growing scene here as police continue an active search for a robbery suspect. they're looking foreman who ditched his vehicle, here, across the way, a tan colored kia sorrento. police say the man stole this car and credit cards during a home invasion robbery, last
5:34 am
night, in west mt. airy. police say the man assaulted a female victim, before taking off with her belongings. police in this area got involved after the suspect used a atm card in the area of 76th and city avenue. >> police came to the area. again, he touched that car, the sorrento, here in the area of cardinal and over brooks avenues police had k9's involved, very active is foot search for this suspect. he's described as dark colored male, five-five, beard, dark colored t-shirt, dark shorts. police are asking everyone in the area to stay inside their home. they have several streets blocked off, in the area, of st. joe's, as they continue searching for this suspect. karen? >> all right, thank you, staying right on top of it, getting lot every breaking details, jenny, we appreciate
5:35 am
it. to breaking news, happening in bucks county, crews finally did get handle on this fire, that was burning a huge fire at a scrap metal recycling yard. it went for hours. steve keeley is out there, and so are some of those first responders, steve? >> yes. hour nine, karen, you can hear them tearing apart with construction equipment, this big scrap pile, that was burning, and as they do, as we look over the trees, see new black smoke billowing up. because that means, as they pull this stuff apart, they're get to go new flames, as they tear it apart to try to put every flame out, and so the smoke going in every direction, around here, and again, we're smelling it now. hopefully, it is just okay smoke to breathe in. and for us, it is no big deal. these fire fight remembers a lot closer, and breathing in a lot more of the smoke. we're at the main gate of the simms metal scrap yard here, where they're buying scrap, and they've been turning away trucks, and we're told by the
5:36 am
guys that were talking to us over across the street, who work in this place, that this company has so many trucks, constantly coming and going, and they're doing a lot of business normally. it is not just metal. but, also, cardboard we're told as well. who knows what was burning, but it sounds like everything they got here, now, you can see, in ryan flanagan's video that he shot last night, these flames are really kicking up hi, and we see the firefighter even in the bucket, above it, where the smoke is coming right at him, and the trouble was not enough water, not enough hydrant back in this industrial park, in the middle of a scrap yard, which is understandable. so, they had to bring tanker trucks with water in here. and hopefully they got enough water to tackle this thing finally. but they got it under control at 3:30, after the initial 911 calls at 9:00. so it gives you a sense for all of these guys mostly volunteers. we just talked to one who left. just to go to his normal job. so it is a night of no sleep. when you see a volunteer firefighter, they're putting
5:37 am
their lives on the line for no money, and no thank you's, usually, so if somebody comes in, groggy, in the office today, buy him a coffee, buy him lunch. probably dozens of guys out here. this is one of those mutual aid fires where everybody available from all of the surrounding towns, don't be surprised if new jersey guys are going on there is as well, because we're right across the river from trenton, new jersey, where people are probably still seeing and smelling the smoke, as well as the folks in the morrisville, lower bucks area here, around falls township. karen? >> all right, steve, thank you. yep, we will buy them a cup of coffee. some good advice. 5:37. let's get to the situation with north korea now, responding to our president's tough talk, calling his warning, a load of nonsense. just the latest rhetoric in a escalating war of words. that could risk turning into a military action. let's go down to washington and doug luzader, and the latest twists and turns on this one, doug? >> good morning, and i guess we will start with the personal attacks, directed toward president trump. north korean general called
5:38 am
the press senile, went after him for playing golf. you name it. this is just kind of the most recent verbal escalation that we've seen, but also hearing from north korea, details of a plan to possibly sends missiles toward guam. four of them, that would over fly japan, then hit the waters near guam. we don't know exactly what the time line for this would be, or if a final decision has been made to do this. but it would be very, very provocative act, if that were to happen. well, i mean, i think that so many people right now are really concerned. it just seems to every hour escalate where there is more tough talk, the way that they're sort of phrasing it, saying they're all behind this. is this something, i mean, taking action? what's the next step? >> reporter: well, we've seen, you know, attempts diplomatic resolutions here, we've seen the un security council, excuse me, the united nations, pass new rounds of sanctions against north korea. we've seen talks being proffered, as well, all of this has been rebuffed by
5:39 am
north korea, which seems stead fast, in its resolve to eventually become a state that has not just nuclear weapons, but icbm's, the capability to deliver nuclear weapons around the worldment and they seem to be very, very close to that threshold. >> well, a lot closer than we thought, a lot sooner than we thought. thank you, doug, we appreciate t5:39. frightened phils, they've been doing all right recently, on good little roll. coming up: something kind of fun. they get to pick some of their own nicknames. we'll explain. hey, shredder. >> reporter: i'm tom sredenschek, coming up in a sports in a minute, eagles in greenbay for the first pre-season game. what to expect against the packers. and the phils look for sweep of their mini two game series with the atlanta braves. it is all coming up.
5:40 am
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>> good morning, i'm thomas sredenschek. the eagles in greenbay tonight to take on the packers, it will be the first game of the pre-season. aaron rogers not expected to play for the packers. still, it will be a good chance for the eagles to knock off the russ for the coaches, good chance to evaluate what positions need a little tweaking. for the rookies, good chance to taste life is like in the nfl. how about forecaster on wentz? >> just get out there with the kind of new faces in the muddle, some different guys, just get used to each other. get used to the game situations. i think situation al football is a big part of just big part of the nfl. and being smart, and in those situations, so i think that
5:43 am
will be big for us to game those game like situations. >> phillies taking on the braves in atlanta, scoreless in the third, herrera goes shopping in the gap. all the way to the wall, freddie galvis who was on first comes all the way around to score. when the throw get away, herrera come on down. it is a triple, and an error. phillies score two, go onto win it three to two. that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> good morning, everybody. as we look live from our trenton camera, that'sthe fire that's happening over there, in morrisville at the scrap metal yard. we will have more on that situation. r respect, little aretha franklin for bernadette from philadelphia. one of your traffic jams this morning. look at you going on a thursday. common, hashtag it traffic jams. we'll try to put it on the turn table for you. sue has the forecast when we come right back. ♪
5:44 am
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♪ [vo] your summer moment awaits you now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. >> unveiling for new jerseys for players weekend from august 25th to august 27th, the phillies players will have the freedom to customize their own uniforms. chance for the players to wear jerseys with their own nickname. so here they are, kind of fun for them to do, that plus the ability to customize batting gloves, wrist bands, catcher masks, bats, phillies also get to wear more colorful jerseys
5:47 am
that weekend, that are meant to be inspired by youth league uniforms. >> also, our 76ers, in this town, we have all been trusting the process. and we have a few fans on other pro sports teams, as well. oh, would you look at that? we love mike trout. sporting his favorite nba jersey, as part of the team's dress up as your favorite player. that's cute. ben simmons. so he tweeted out a picture of himself in the jersey with the caption: trust the process. of course he's originally from millville, new jersey, nicely done, sir. >> all right, bob? who would you dress up as? >> i would probably go old school allen iverson. >> there go, practice. >> ai. >> practice, practice. >> we are talking practice. 5:47. live look, the smoke that can be seen for miles, our camera in the heart of trenton looking in toward morrisville, that's that scrap metal junk yard fire. going to the emergency, to gave you a idea, see the smoke, our cameras up near trenton, that camera, see the smoke for miles away.
5:48 am
right here in morrisville, on what you call like a little island here. so really not a traffic issue, as far as causing traffic jams. but that smoke is obviously able to be seen for miles, so there is gaper delays all around the board. just make sure you pay attention to the roadway. so you don't cause an accident here along 295, route 29, 129, into trenton, or route 13, on the pennsylvania side. talcony palmyra bridge on stand by for an opening. 615, is the time to beat, and police activity, the search here in overbrook, centered around 57th and wynnefield, right here, so here's st. joe's campus. you can see the football field there. there is the cardinals. cardinals residence there along city line avenue. so again, watch for some police activity and a lot of local detours in the neighborhood. jenny joyce will have more on that in just a moment. music fest taking over bethlehem again today with a loft extra volume headed up the northeast extension, who is hungry? come on, it is thursday, bittersweet kitchen.
5:49 am
i hear they have french toast blt. >> wow. >> yum. see you there starting at 9:00. sue has the forecast in 15 seconds. >> we talked about this earlier, tropical situation, but first we want to talk about the beautiful sunrise, just about to happen. not official yet over the platt bridge. >> eventually very squinty, not quite yet, just beautiful. now here is the tropical situation. franklin, was a hurricane, and then this morning, it was downgraded back to a tropical storm. because it made landfall, on the ' coast of mexico. and now, it is continuing to move to the west. so, we mention this not only because we have used up another name on our tropical
5:50 am
cyclone list, and there it is, franklin, it has been a busy season, so far. gerth, harvey, irma next on the list, and yesterday noah the national oceanic and atmospheric association, changed their forecast. they raise the number of name storms between 14 and 19, they raised the number of their prediction of major hurricanes to between two and five, and in colorado state, and the average little lower than that. so, we will see how it plays out. we just hope nothing makes landfall, or doesn't make a mess. now speak after mess, it won't be an entire mess this weekend, but we do have an outlook for friday, saturday, sunday, looks like we will just see increasing cloud cover friday. not a lot of rain if we get any, probably, toward the end of the day. now we're into saturday morning. we some showers around, continuing on and off. with thunderstorms, in the forecast, any time after 4:00. we see that clearing off the coast by sunday. and hopefully, things will brighten up by then. 69 degrees, in philadelphia,
5:51 am
right now, 52 mount pocono, 62 in wildwood. so it is another beautiful, clear and comfortable morning. and yesterday we did reach our average high of 86. that's why it was a ten, it was perfect. and today, just as nice. 85 degrees, then 83 tomorrow, with the increasing clouds, 82 saturday. still, a little if-ee whether it will rain on sunday, we could get little wrap around moisture coming in, so of course alumni day at the phillies when the phillies before the phillies play the mets, so, it is a big, big game for them. hopefully things will be clear for that. but it is looking pretty good as we head into the early part of next week. oh, i clicked the button again, there is tropical storm franklin. >> i like the names, gerth? she sounds she has grit, a feisty one, thank you there, sue. 5:51. there is a local artist, he's just trying to make the world a little brighter and nicer for us specifically on our subway stations and down there, septa not that into it. bill anderson says he's not taking no for an answer.
5:52 am
>> reporter: hopefully it bridges a little lifelines and joy to otherwise sort of dark setting. >> so every day, take ownership of our city. clean up our city. beautiful our city. some people say when they've tried to do just that, they're told, they went too far. >> these frames go unused. i'm not altering any surfaces. i'm not damaging any property. >> reporter: ryan, local photographer, who wanted to brighten people's daily commute. when he saw there were unused metal frames, throughout septa stations around city hall, he started filling them with his art. >> i just think it is about story telling, providing people images to, like, reflect on, in whatever way they want to. >> he told me that the project went on for awhile, with pictures staying up for more than a week at a time. but lately, septa is not okay with his unauthorized art. >> there is one up there until yesterday. i think they're all gone. >> ryan replaced one picture
5:53 am
while we were there. >> loved her clothing and her hat. >> but frame after frame was empty, and ryan didn't seem overly upset. he does understanded, he didn't have permission. >> it is not my property. i'm not necessarily breaking any laws but also not necessarily supposed to be doing it. >> it did beg the question whether it is hard and fast rule that must be enforced or is it one that could be overlook in the interest of greater good. >> everybody in the public seems to be enjoying what i'm document so getting encouragement. >> reporter: septa officials told me that they certainly don't want to squash his dream. but he can't promote that dream on septa's property, without authorization. it also only takes a second to see there are several people who pay for their message in the stations who may feel that ryan's displays are unfair. so, you tell me. is this a case of someone breaking rules, who must be stopped, or someone who took it upon themselves to beautify an otherwise un attractive area, just for goodness sake? i'm bill anderson.
5:54 am
>> entertainment news, you get healthy food. you get healthy food. so do you. we told but it a few weeks ago, now, oprah taking a few of her super favorite things launching her own line every soups, side dishes, called oh, that's good. the brands is going to be hitting stores this week. by october, you'll fine the products all across our nation. >> all right, let's take live look outside right now. the window, we seabright inning in the sky. oh, no. we're socked in. oh, we're playing hungry like the wolf. thank you. it is did your around, duran "d" day. celebrating all things durand.
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>> a wiped battle between new jersey little league world series regionals, the offense caring the team to a ten to six victory over pennsylvania. but i think we still get another chance on saturday. new jersey scored at least one run in each of the five innings at bat. big one came at the bottom of the fifth when a kid hit a go ahead grand-slam. how about that to break a six-six tie. so exciting. playing saturday, upper providence plays friday, if they win they get the rematch with the championship in new jersey. this was double elimination. so rooting for those kids. breaking news happening right now, there last been armed home invasion. there is a big search going on. we have live report. when "good day" continues in two minutes.
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